Breaking News for TVD Fans Everywhere… The Rumors Were Wrong!

To all you fellow The Vampire Diaries fans out there worldwide it has just come to light that despite the rumours and speculations flying the truth has been uncovered for all hoping to see Nina Dobrevs return.
It looks like the young actress has pushed through with her promise of returning as new reports say that she was seen celebrating her return for Season 8 with Julianne Hough and other friends.
We all were probably sitting in tears the day Elena Gilbert said goodbye to the show, I know I was a bawling mess.
As much as I am head over heels with the show I have to admit that it has never been the same since Nina left the show after its 6th season. It took a lot of convincing to change the young star’s mind from leaving, but she firmly decided and promised to go back to “The Vampire Diaries” someday to finally put an end to Elena Gilbert’s story and of course Damon’s.
Julie Plec has since held on tightly to that promise in good faith and I am happy to announce that Julie is now planning the storyline and big entrance for when she returns to the show and back in Damon’s arms.
It will do doubt for fans everywhere including myself, a very tear jerking moment maybe even the biggest tear jerker out of all the other seasons.
I for one will have tissues by my side and a glass of wine in my hand for the celebration and tears of joy.

There have been many reports that’s the producers have been speaking with Nina about her comeback.
With this season being the last fans all over the world are hoping for a happy ending for Damon and especially Elena who is currently stuck in a magically induced coma

Words can’t tell you how happy I am at this wonderful news. I actually have butterflies lol.


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