The Lost Boys Series, Will Hopefully Have Some Bite

All fellow Vampire lovers out there are sure to know by now, that the greatest vampire movie in history is set for a TV series. The CW are the ones doing The Lost Boys series and not a moment too soon, as we sadly say goodbye to The Vampire Diaries later this year. Although I am a hardcore TVD fan, I can’t feel excited for The Lost Boys series to begin. Heres why!

The Lost Boys series has been envisioned as 7 seasons long and will tell the story spanning over 70 years, that’s a decade for every season. Season one will be set in San Fransisco in (the summer of love) the summer of 1967. Already I am full on intrigued by this and cant wait to see where it is going. With each new season a new decade will start, the humans will change, the setting will change and the story line will change, the only thing that will remain the same throughout will be our blood sucking vampires.

We do not know if the vampires are meant to be our original lost boys or not but I am sure whatever they do it will be epic, as long as they stay true to the brutal vampire feel that the movie gave off. The series is said to explore the true meaning of being immortal, so I honestly cant wait to see exactly where they plan on taking us throughout the series.

One thing we can be sure of is the vampires will be scorching hot and I don’t mean because they walked out in the sun either. We don’t want ugly vamps now do we girls, it just wouldn’t sit right with the fantasy.

The second movie of The Lost boys (The Thirst) did not sit well with most fans, I for one can say I didn’t really enjoy it. I am seriously hoping that the series wont be a massive fail like The Thirst was.

I am still unsure of the air date, but stay tuned at for updates.



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