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Linux Progresses on Sony Playstation 4

Okay, when Sony released the Playstation 2 one thing they did that was quite cool was to release, or at least not stop, Linux for it. Sure, this was a costly addition, it was still cool. Then when the Playstation 3 was released, early versions, then certain editions, then none would let you install Linux. […]

Microsoft Enters the Linux Market

It is apparent that Microsoft is definitely going through changes.  For one, they have started discussing, publicly, Linux in a positive light.  Anyone that has been involved in any kind of tech or gaming on personal computers any length of time will probably realize that is a new angle for Microsoft.  In decades past, Microsoft […]

Soulset New Visual Novel For PC Funding on IndieGoGo

It is not that often that I bother covering things on Kickstarter or IndieGoGo.  I don’t really look at stuff on those services as most of it is just hopes and dreams of someone.  When it is something that could be awesome, it is usually funded FAST then fans wait YEARS for their investment to […]

Chrome Updates Remove Notification Bar, Voice Search- Is It that Bad?

It is seemingly natural for people to make the transition from pecking at a touch screen on their cell phone to talking to it to get certain, basic, functions to work.  One basic function that cell phone users are supportive of is the whole “Okay, Google” and other voice commands that initiate their phones into […]

Should Microsoft Enter the World of Linux with Office 365?

Linux is, and will probably always be, a thorn in the side of Microsoft.  There are plenty of variations of the free operating system that do a ton of different things. With that variety comes trouble in getting anything done unless you are quite adept at the command line (I will wait for the flame […]

Classic Nonogram Game PixlCross Reminds us of Mario’s Picross on Wii U and Computers

Way back on the Game Boy, around 20 years ago, Nintendo took another chance with their leading star (back then it was normal).  Nonogram’s, aka Hanjie Picross and Griddlers, are logic puzzles that create a simple image (recent variations have brought this type of game into the 3rd dimension).  Mario’s Picross is probably the most […]

Dollhouse coming to the Playstation 4, PC, Mac and Linux, Horror Fans Prepare

Horror.  This is a genre that has not exactly been able to take off with gaming.  Sure, titles like Resident Evil are promoted as “survival horror” but there is not much “horror” to be had in that whole series (the dogs is one of the few scare moments I remember).  Horror games are in a […]

Ruzar the Stone of Life to Resurrect First Person Dungeon Crawlers

First person dungeon crawling games have been around since the early days of gaming (not as early as text adventures but still, a long time).  For the most part, if a platform could display graphics, even those as basic as early computers such as the Color Computer, there is a good chance that there is […]

Kickstarter: Super Galaxy Squadron Seeks Support to Help Charity

It is not often that we see a game on Kickstarter that is intending to give profits of the finished game to charity (Child’s Play). That is exactly what is going to happen with Super Galaxy Squadron which has reached the minimum funding level, they are now going for stretch goals which means more platforms. […]

Kickstarter: Gryphon Knight Epic Looks to Re-Invigorate 2D Side Scrolling Shooters (Think Phelios Folks)

Okay, side scrolling shooters used to rule the roost back in the 16-Bit days.  It seemed like we could not go more than a day or two without having a friend tell the tale of a new 2D, either side or overhead, scrolling shooter coming out for a platform of the day (counting hand held […]

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