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Ben Affleck wanting his fingers in a lot of pies

Kenneth Branagh is already at work on a new version of murder on the orient express.  Now Ben Affleck wants to muscle in on the Agatha Christie remake action, making a deal with 20th Century Fox for an update of Witness for the Prosecution.  Even though he has his extremely busy Batman schedule, He is making sure that he has other projects to work on when he’s not in the cowl (or directing himself in the stand-alone Batman movie, which im excited to see by the way).

The Witness for The Prosecution came from a short story by the mystery author, though it was at first known as Traitor Hands way back in 1925, then in 1993 and Christie then adapted it into a play. Billy Wilder first turned it into a movie starring Charles Laughton and Tyrone Power, and the result earned six Oscar nominations.

The story concerns a lawyer representing a man accused of murdering a very rich widow who left him her estate. The suspect’s wife, who is initially unable to be called against him because of their relationship, is then brought in as a witness for the prosecution because she was married to someone else when she first wed the defendant. She points to him as the murderer, but the twists start spinning from there…

We don’t yet know when Affleck might work on this one; chances are it could linger on his to Do list for a while since he has to run around Gotham city and also has to get other movies out of the way. He’ll be back on our screens in the accountant, which lands on November 4th, and has his latest directing/starring job Live By Night due on January 13th 2017.

Personally I think he may be biting off more than he can chew after all he is only one person even if he is batman lol.



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