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Windows Bridge Gains Improved iOS Support

Microsoft has been working on this thing called Windows Bridge for a little while now.  What Windows Bridge does, at its core, is allow Windows 10 users to run Android and iOS apps and games.  This is great news for people wanting the best of “all” worlds.  There is a long ways to go before it is the remarkable product that Microsoft is promising.  Recently though, Microsoft released sample code and the like for the iOS side of Windows Bridge.

The code is available on Github, link below, and shows off a few things for iOS support on Windows 10.  That is great news.  The question is, what does this mean for the Windows 10 users that are not programmers?  Basically, someday, if Microsoft has their way, Windows 10 users will not have to buy an iPhone to use iOS apps and play iOS games.  Same for Android.

Imagine, Windows- the operating system that literally emulates nearly everything else- could soon be the go to platform for iOS and Android emulation.  Soon Windows could be the home of mobile games such as Game of War (no Windows version available as of yet) or any of the other countless number of mobile only games.

I am not sure if Windows Bridge increases the resolution, and the apps scale properly, but I think they would.  It would suck to play an early iOS game that was developed for lower resolution screens, in a miniscule window on a huge monitor.  Could happen though.

Windows Bridge is still a work in progress program.  Microsoft has been very diligent in revealing progress to fans.  It is interesting that Microsoft is spending so much time having a team working on emulating the big two mobile OS’s rather than working on improving their own Windows Mobile product.

Microsoft’s Github is available here.

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