American Horror Story: 26 Promo Trailers and Evan Peters Interview

Tonight is the night of the big reveal for American Horror Story season 6. It’s safe to say this has been the most hyped up season of them all, and has left the fans in a constant buzz of speculation. They have tried their hardest to keep this under raps and even poor Evan Peters (cast member) had a very uncomfortable interview as to what the season may be. For the last time before the big reveal, lets look at what we do know.

Well we know that FX was very sneaky this year in keeping the American Horror Story season 6 name under wraps. They released an array of promo trailers to really get the fans confused, as a matter of fact they made 26. Just incase you missed any here is a compilation of all 26 trailers for you to enjoy.

Secondly we know Evan Peters is a dedicated cast member of American Horror Story, had a very uncomfortable interview and looked very nervous about giving any hints away about the upcoming season. Although he did reveal that his new choice in hair colour was not his own and it had been done for the show’s new season. Here’s the interview for anyone who didn’t see it. Poor Evan!

Thirdly it was apparently leaked that the upcoming season was called The Mist to which I wrote an article expressing my theory of this being another very clever way of misguiding us in to believing it’s something it’s not. As I have expressed before I am still in favour of it being Orphanage but that is my own opinion.

So who’s excited about the show tonight? I know many fans, including myself woke up very excited and counting down the hours for the show to finally air at 10pm tonight.



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