Fans Say Hell No to The Crow Remake

So guys, we all know that the movie the crow has been in the making for a long time, at one point it looked like it wasnt going to happen. Sadly it was reported that the movie will start its filming in January next year.The Crow fans and Brandon Lee fans are going nuts on social media saying this movie should not happen.

I for one am against this remake of The crow movie, which starred the late Brandon Lee. I think it is a disgrace that the movie industry thinks they should have the rights to change a perfectly amazing movie. Here is reasons why this movie should not be touched.

Brandon Lee’s memory:

Ok so top of the list for my reasons is the obvious, The late Brandon Lee son of Bruce Lee Died while on set making the movie. The actor was filming a shoot out scene when the rubber cap from a blank bullet pierced under his navel, severing a main artery. The movie was finished without him in 1994 with the help of a stunt double and special effects  as a tribute to his life as he once stated “I don’t want to be remembered as the son of Bruce Lee”. Brandon Lee was not only an amazing actor but he was a fantastic musician too as you can tell from his mean guitar solo in the video below.

Jason Momoa wont look right:

So as we know reports have said that Game of thrones Jason Momoa is going to be taking Brandon’s place as Eric Draven (The Crow). Everyone knows who has seen the movie that Eric Draven was a regular guy, How can they justify the muscular Momoa taking over when he wont look the part.

The Fans:

The Crow fans have been going crazy on today on Facebook at the news of the movie starting its filming. Fans don’t want Brandon Lee’s tribute to be redone. Many such as myself see this movie as a classic which has stood the test of time, so why do they want to destroy something which is perfect the way it is. Here is some of the angry fans comments.



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    Sting’s career ended last year and they want to replace him… damn, wrong crow again!

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      I wish I could up vote more than once. I laughed quite hard at that comment.

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