Could he Really be Our Next 007 Agent, James Bond

We all know that the next James Bond actor is just about ready to be plucked out the ripe apple tree of spy-dom. A few weeks back a short list of potential candidates made its way onto the internet. You wont believe who they want as our new 007 agent.

Aidan Turner is being backed to be James Bond by the man who played the original Poldark. Robin Ellis had women swooning at his feet in the role of Ross Poldark in the 1970s TV series.

He thinks the Irish actor (I love an Irish accent.) has all the qualities needed to take over from Daniel Craig as the suit wearing, womanizing, world-famous spy. Robin now 74, who plays the Reverend Halse in the Poldark remake said:

“I like Aidan. I think he’s doing a wonderful job as Ross. He looks great and has a brooding presence. He’s registered enormously with the public, and that’s terrific. I think he’d be an excellent Bond. Aidan is a good actor, and the first 007, Sean Connery, was a very good actor. Aidan is quite capable of doing that part. Good luck to him if he gets it. I’ll be very pleased for him.”

Aiden might be the favorite to star as the next James Bond, but he has been keen to leave everything as rumor for the moment. Handsome and modest. We may have a winner after all. The actor’s competition for 007 includes Idris Elba, Tom Hiddleston and Michael Fassbender. All quite a good line up to play the spy legend, but I think maybe Aiden has this one in the bag. I mean come on, if the glove fits and all.

A lot of fans are sad to see Daniel Craig go. He played the part very well for many years. but I’m sure they will welcome the new James Bond, whoever he may be, with open arms.



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