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Creepiest Pretty Little Liars Episodes So Far

As fans know with the end of season 7B, sadly comes the end of Pretty Little Liars TV series. With the build up to Halloween and no “PLL” Halloween Special on the horizon, I thought we could look back at the creepiest moments so far. Let’s face it Rosewood has had its fair share of […]

American Horror Story S6E1. I Was Not Impressed

After all the hype and excitement for American Horror Story season 6 I finally got to sit down and watch it. As many of you know I am a massive fan of the series and it saddens me to have to put the show down. I do not know where this season is headed, but […]

American Horror Story: 26 Promo Trailers and Evan Peters Interview

Tonight is the night of the big reveal for American Horror Story season 6. It’s safe to say this has been the most hyped up season of them all, and has left the fans in a constant buzz of speculation. They have tried their hardest to keep this under raps and even poor Evan Peters […]

American Horror Story Look Back And Look Forward

So we only have 3 days to go until we reach the very anticipated season 6 of American Horror Story. I thought we could take a look at each season, starting from murder house and ending with what we know of season 6. Being a fan myself, I am super excited for the first episode […]

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