Samsung Admits Galaxy Note 7 Has Battery Problems

Samsung used to be the cream of the crop if you were wanting an Android phone.  At least that is the image they wanted Android fans to think.  Detractors have felt Samsung devices have problems while fans simply cannot see them.  What about when the company flat out admits there is a problem?  That is what Samsung is doing with their Galaxy Note 7 devices and the batteries.  There is a problem, at least theyare doing the right thing here.

They has just announced they are recalling the Galaxy Note 7, voluntarily in the United States I might add.  In other countries such as Canada and Mexico the recalls are being handled by other companies or government departments.  So far, there have been nearly 100 (92 at the time of this writing) reports of problems with the Galaxy Note 7 Android device.  Of those reports, 26 were for burns and 55 were damage to property including but not limited to vehicles and homes themselves.

Samsung has setup a website for you to check your Galaxy Note 7 Android device against to see if it is included in this recall or not.  The link is below.  The recall, if you qualify or it, allows for a couple of options for Samsung users.

One, you can simply get a refund and be done with Samsung.  Two, you could get a replacement device.  Third, you can opt to get a Samsung Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge plus a refund for the difference in values between the devices.  Depending on your carrier you could qualify for a $25 gift card, credit in store or a credit on your mobile bill.  The choice is yours if you are affected by this recall.

Head over to the website below to find out if you qualify for the recall.  Will you take the refund, replacement or get another device?


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