Rovio Unleashes More Angry Birds 2 Content

Angry birds 2 has not exactly set the world on fire like the original series did.  This could have been because Rovio kind of milked the original series with expansions and expansion releases that took the birds across the globe.  Anyhow, Angry Birds 2 has just received some new content that is worth telling our readers about.

First up, there are about 80 new levels to play through.  40 new levels in each of two new chapters for you to play through.  These new chapters are called Hamazonas and Copacabacon.  New levels are not the only thing that Rovio have added to Angry Birds 2, there are new pigs on the defensive here.

One new piggie is the Beamer Pig.  This little guy has a course altering gravity gun.  Get ready to get mad and probably rage quit Angry Birds 2 more than a few times because of this little jerk.

Second is the Pig Tower which is manned (pigged?) by three pigs, one on top of the other (sounds like a totem pole).  The trick to the Pig Tower is they will simply fall on your bird if you don’t hit them just right.

There are new series for you to collect in Angry Birds 2 also.  This Android and iPhone game just keeps giving doesn’t it?  The themes are Back to School, the Beach and a Pirate theme.

So, tell me, are you playing Angry Birds 2 or one of the original games?  Or are you burned out on Angry Birds and the whole franchise?  For me, I lost interest, for the most part a while back.

Angry Birds 2 by Rovio Entertainment
Genre: Physics based puzzle
Platform: Android and iPhone
In App Purchases: Yes
Rated: E for Everyone on Google Play and 4+
Available now on and the iTunes App Store

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