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Review- Pokemon GO Gotta Catch Em All on Android

Years ago, when Pokemon first saw release on television and as a collectible card game, it is unclear if those in charge fully knew what they were unleashing onto the world.  This is a license that has transcended gaming, television, movies, collectible card games and even toys.  It is the Disney of gaming so to speak.  The creatures are cute and cuddly, even the “dangerous” ones are not dangerous looking.  Pokemon GO takes that idea behind the television and movie series and puts the Pokedex in your hands along with Pokeballs to capture the little creatures.

There have been rumors that people are getting hurt and causing traffic jams/accidents while playing.  Some are true, most are not.  Either way, it is quite clear that Pokemon GO is addictive and challenging.

The idea of Pokemon GO is simple.  Walk about your daily life and capture Pokemon.  Yes, you will have to get out of your house, walk around the real world and experience “life” a bit to get maximum enjoyment out of this game.  Them’s the breaks.

Seriously though, you may meet others that play Pokemon GO.  This has been occurring more and more on my social media feed- people meeting random people in parks and shopping malls that are also playing.  Some become friends, most don’t, but it is still cool that the game is transcending the barriers we have setup in life today.

There are even gyms to battle/control/defend in the game.  This comes with earning badges and the like, battles (similar to what Nintendo 64 gamers got to enjoy with Pokemon Stadium) and possibly more interacting with other human beings.  You will have to battle and evolve your Pokemon if you want to be the #1 trainer in the world.  That takes a lot of walking, dedication and interaction so get to it.

Be prepared, there are In App Purchases so don’t just load Pokemon GO and toss your phone to your son or daughter thinking they will not bankrupt you.

Pokemon GO by Niantic Inc
Genre: Adventure, collecting, exercise
Platform: Android (ZTE ZMAX 2 used for review) and iPhone
In App Purchases: Yes
Rated: Everyone 10+ on Google Play and 9+ on iTunes
Available now on and the iTunes App Store

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