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5 Upcoming Gaming Movies that have WTF Written All Over Them

Movie genres have a wide variety of ideas and premises that sometimes are just weird.  Imagine the pitch for The Blair Witch for example- single, shaky, camera following three no name actors through the woods and it is black and white.  Do I need to bring up the horrid Super Mario Bros movie?  Yeah, didn’t think so.  Anyhow, here are five upcoming gaming movies that are coming that have WTF written all over them. 

  • The Sims, no release date

This is one of those WTF deals.  Is this going to be a metaphysical story about recent discoveries concerning what is really reality?  The game, if you have no idea, is all about just letting people live their lives and sometimes screwing them over.  Think Seinfeld but not funny and no standup comedy act breaking up scenes.

  • Asteroids, no release date

Um, Armageddon anyone?  Surely whomever is in charge of converting this game to a movie is aware that there is no real story to the game.  What is the point of the movie, are we going to be watching the mundane life of a cosmic miner who is removing asteroids and taking their minerals and such?  Maybe he finds ruins or something, maybe even an alien armada or something that sets off him having to warn the rest of humanity and no one listening and we get an action movie out of this somehow?

  • Missile Command, no release date

Okay, continuing down the classic games road, we get Missile Command.  20th Century Fox has been sitting on the rights to this one for about five years now.  What will the premise be?  Wargames?  I am not sure they will be able to make anything watchable out of shooting missiles out of the sky with more missiles.  Maybe they will, somehow, pull a good story out of this one.

  • Minecraft, no release date

Okay, so there was a hugely popular movie based on Lego’s so now we are going to see a movie on a similar “building” premise- Minecraft.  I am not sure what the point of this one is going to be but I am sure it is going to be very loosely based on the game.  Probably only featuring the art style as everything else has to be made up as they go forward.

  • Sega franchises, no release date

This one is news to me but apparently over 40 Sega franchises have been offered up to the media production arm of Sega- Stories International.  Not all of these will be movies, some will be cartoons, television and other media.  I just hope we get a decent Golden Axe style TV/movie and a similar deal for Shinobi.  Both would make great movies/TV shows if handled properly.


Carl Williams

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    Dude!.!. You hit the nail right on the head with the Golden Axe and Shinobi drop!!!

    Would LOVE to see these sought to fruition on the big screen!

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