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Supernatural – the secret of a long-running TV series

I managed to catch the start of this long-running series when it was first shown in the UK, even though it was shown late at night and didn’t have a regular time slot. It has the right mix of mystery/horror, humour and… Supernatural.

Music! Yes, music! From the fake names that are based on real rock stars, often British (agents Osbourne and Butler refer to Ozzy Osbourne and Geezer Butler from Black Sabbath) to the rock tapes they listen to in the car, which always seems to be my kind of music (I was a fan of Carry On My Wayward Son by Kansas long before seeing the show)

The first episode had me hooked from the start. Little did I know it would take a lot of episodes to uncover the mystery of their mother’s bizarre death, but it’s been one helluva journey and the stakes just keep getting higher. But at least they do have some answers, unlike Lost, which ‘lost’ me when every episode I watched just had me asking more questions and giving no answers.

Perhaps the X-Files helped pave the way for them to pose as a couple of FBI agents and solve the mystery. Who knows, it might have been used as an early blueprint!

Be warned the Supernatural series writers will kill off major characters sometimes, which adds to the drama. And, much like in the japanese RPGs I’ve enjoyed like Final Fantasy and Suikoden, their death is never in vain.

I have to admit, my interest did wane a little somewhere in the middle of the series for some reason, only to come back and find that angels were real and there was a war going on. And now they’ve got the Darkness to deal with (another rock band reference?) before she causes the end of the world (or is it the universe?). Carry on my wayward sons…

New episodes of Supernatural air on The CW, check your television listings for day and time.

Kevin Ayre

Kevin is a veteran gamer, coder and artist with a love of fantasy, horror and sci-fi. He's been involved in all sorts of computer games since the 80s, from Trivial Pursuit: A New Beginning to Super Mario Pinball Land, by way of Warzone 2100. He now works remotely from beautiful Pembrokeshire in the UK with his beachcombing other half, Jen.

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