Pokemon Shuffle Mobile on Android Review

Pokemon is a juggernaut in gaming.  That is a fact.  Pokemon is also one of the few franchises that has been able to cross multiple mediums such as movies, cartoons, toys, games, collectible card games, etc, without losing steam as it spread out.  One area that Pokemon has not permeated is the mobile market, no I am not talking about hand held gaming like the Nintendo portables, I mean cell phone gaming (they are different folks).  Now, as the Pokemon Company has decided to expand out to other platforms, probably realizing that mobile gaming is just too lucrative to ignore anymore, we get new games.  One of those new games is Pokemon Shuffle Mobile and if you are either a Pokemon fan or a fan of Bejewelled style games you will be happy with this one.

The first thing that you will notice about Pokemon Shuffle Mobile is that it bears more than a striking resemblance to Bejeweled.  While it is a similar puzzle game, it is also different in a few ways.  For one, Pokemon Shuffle features a little bit of battle type mechanics like what we saw in Puzzle Quest.  Where things get different than Bejeweled is that you are not limited to swapping icons that are side by side or on top of each other.  No, here you can take an icon from one side of the board and place it on the other side, or anywhere in between.  What happens is your piece and the one you drop it on swap places.  This can cause major combos and also eliminates the dreaded “no more moves” ending that Bejeweled is known for.

There are a plethora of Pokemon available in Shuffle Mobile.  I am not up to date on all of them but the ones I have encountered/caught so far are familiar enough to me.  I am sure fans will be in heaven as they attempt to capture that elusive, rare, Pokemon.

That brings me to the “lucrative” part of mobile gaming.  Much like Candy Crush Saga, another Bejeweled style game that has found massive success, there are player purchases abound in Pokemon Shuffle Mobile.  From more turns to additional Pokeballs you will be dropping some cash to maximize your fun in this one.  For me, I just play till I can’t play anymore and go play something else till my turns replenish (such as or the game).

Playing Pokemon Shuffle Mobile is not all that different than the plethora of other Bejeweled clones out there that have added adventure features (Candy Crush Soda, , etc).  There is a good bit of fun to have here, just be careful of the In App Purchases.

Pokemon Shuffle Mobile is available on and the iTunes App Store.

Carl Williams

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