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Review- Mr Green the Jumper, Modernized Minimalist Endless Runner on Android

When you think of endless running games you probably think Temple Run and Run Like Hell.  Flappy Bird was an endless runner too, well in the essence of not hitting objects.  Mr Green the Jumper is a more interesting take on the Flappy Bird formula.  It is minimalist in style so don’t worry about using this one to show off your phone’s power.

Mr Green is interesting in its use of shadows and lighting and moving objects.  These are all things that Flappy Bird didn’t have.  Of course, Flappy Bird featured rather prominently nods to classics such as Super Mario Bros on the NES (the pipes) and other 8-Bit games.

Graphically Mr Green features some nice innovations for the side scrolling endless runner.  First, pipes and other obstacles are not always stationary- some spin, others raise and lower but they are all dangerous to your surviving the world you are stuck in.

Be prepared to get frustrated and possibly rage quite more than a few times while playing Mr Gree the Jumper.  This is the nature of the style of game though.  If these games were easy then there would not be much fun in them though some do go out of their ways to be extra tough than is good.  Mr Green the Jumper is not like that, the difficulty is set at a pretty steady increase as you play.  I kept getting my butt handed to me for tapping the screen at the wrong time, or too many times, which resulted in my dying.  You can hear my first reactions in the video above, there is some foul language so um, turn the volume down.

Mr. Green the Jumper by Beyond Innovation
Genre: Endless runner
Platform: Android (ZTE ZMAX 2 used for review)
In App Purchases: Yes
Rated: E for Everyone on Google Play
Available now on .

Carl Williams

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