Microsoft Releases Microsoft Pix Camera App on iPhone, Forgets Android and Windows Phone

Microsoft are persistent if nothing else.  At least when it comes to supporting competitor’s platforms over their own in the mobile market.  This is all new ground to Microsoft as they are used to computers.  In the desktop world Microsoft hold things tighter than Nintendo held the 8-Bit console market.  Mobile though, ah, the great platform that Microsoft has never been able to leverage much control in, is different.  Microsoft have quite a few really useful apps on Google Play and iTunes.  One such useful app is their new camera app, Microsoft Pix, is quite interesting in the features it offers- some common sense “why hasn’t this been done yet” and others that come from way in the outfield for a win.

One such cool feature of Microsoft Pix is that it captures frames before you press the shutter button.  This allows you to get the best possible shot.  Sure, this may not be revolutionary as other camera apps offer similar deals but when coupled with the other features, it is icing on the cake.

There is a lot of auto detection on offer in Microsoft Pix including faces, multi-frame de-noise that uses burst frames and better color capture which all lead to better images.  Multiple sources of black in a picture can wreak havoc with most camera apps but Microsoft Pix handles them quite well thanks to the de-noise technology implemented.

A feature out of the “why hasn’t this been done yet” category for me is Live Image.  This is more than just an image stabilization tool.  This feature captures multiple frames and enhances them and then stitches them all together to create a stable animated photo that at first looks weird but looks really cool once you are used to it.

Head over to the iTunes App Store and grab Microsoft Pix.  If you own a Windows Phone or an Android device, well, get ready to wait.

Carl Williams

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