Was a Pokemon GO Playing Driver Cause of Multi Vehicle Accident?

There are a lot of these “Pokemon GO player causes accident” or “stabbed, robbed, etc” stories going around.  Here at Gravis Ludus we figure it is our duty to tell the true story behind these headlines and let you know what is real and what is fake.  One of the latest headlines is that a distracted drive caused a crash in Baltimore while playing the popular creature collecting game.  We tell you the facts- debunking or proving the story.

Previously Dash Bomber debunked the story about a man dying while playing the newly released Pokemon GO game.  Now, I am debunking the story that the fatal car crash in Baltimore was caused by a driver playing the game.

The headlines are something like this “Distracted driver playing new Pokemon app causes 3-car crash on I-95 in Baltimore. One man killed.”


This is fake news and people are using a picture that was posted by the WBAL television station.  WBAL is located in Baltimore and do regular news coverage of the area.  They have the real, original picture available on their site.


The WBAL TV article is titled “Man killed in 3-car crash on I-95 in Baltimore.”  Nothing whatsoever about a driver playing Pokemon GO, or even using their cell phone while driving.  The television station states that the cause of the wreck is unknown at this time.  That does leave open to a slight chance that the driver was distracted but that is a far cry from laying blame on the newly released Pokemon GO game.

Look people, use a little common sense and the power of Google to research things before you start sharing them wildly.  If more people would do that we would have less stupidity on the Internet in regards to these situations.

Official stance- DEBUNKED.


Carl Williams

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