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Leonardo DiCaprio Turned Down Star Wars Prequels Role

Is everything and anything Star Wars related destined to go viral this holiday period? It would appear that way. Its worldwide popularity amongst movie goers and die-hard Star Wars fans alike, the release of Star Wars, The Force Awakens is illustrating the voracity of Star Wars related news stories is not abating any time soon. […]

Leaks, Leaks and more Leaks… Galaxy S7, Google Glass and Moto X 2016

First we leak, then we neither confirm or deny, then we say its here come and get them…  Three of the hottest product leaks for 2016 involve Google glass, the Motorola, Moto X 2016 and the Samsung, Galaxy S7. In the case of Google glass, Enterprise edition, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), provided the leak for […]

LEGO Star Wars Toys that Cost More than $1,000 on Amazon

Star Wars is popular, even during the “prequels” years.  Yeah, even then the license held a lot of clout with licensers.  There are going to be toys, games, action figures and Lego sets based on the lightsaber battles.  That is almost guaranteed.  With LEGO sets the price continues to climb with each new set that […]

Star Wars the Force Awakens Success, Here are Five Fan Films of Lightsaber Duels

It is a good sign that the latest Star Wars movie was a hit. For many of the fans it was a scary lead up after the Disney buyout. Speculation and hardcore fans were not kind to it leading up that is for sure. People were concerned that this was going to be the prequels […]

Soulset New Visual Novel For PC Funding on IndieGoGo

It is not that often that I bother covering things on Kickstarter or IndieGoGo.  I don’t really look at stuff on those services as most of it is just hopes and dreams of someone.  When it is something that could be awesome, it is usually funded FAST then fans wait YEARS for their investment to […]

Digger – A Puzzle Quest for Hidden Gems on Android Review

Match 3 titles are more than common place on Android and iOS devices.  Digger- A Puzzle Quest for Hidden Gems is a new take on the Bejeweled formula.  No, you are not fighting anyone like you do in Marvel Puzzle Quest or Doctor Who Legacy.  No, in Digger, you are simply digging.  Match 3, or […]

Earning Bitcoin Playing Games, Yes You Can

Bitcoin is a decentralized “currency” that is taking the technological world by storm.  Basically, it is “precious numbers” similar to precious metals like Gold and Silver.  While it is somewhat difficult to understand, Bitcoin is not as complicated as it comes across as.  The biggest problem people may experience is actually getting any Bitcoin.  With […]

Submerged Brings Combat-less Adventure to Android via Geforce Now Service

Post-apocalyptic adventures are nothing new for gamers.  We have seen this scenario more than a few hundred times in gaming.  Monsters that are only able to exist because of some horrific tragedy attacking you at every turn.  Scarce supplies, everything turned upside down and fear around every corner are just a few things we have […]

Breakneck Brings Futuristic Styled Racing to Android

Classic gaming fans will probably remember the Wipeout series of racing games quite well.  Some of the releases in that series were better received by gamers than others.  Breakneck by PikPok will surely remind classic gamers of Wipeout while lassoing in newer fans.  Racing vehicles that are not your traditional cars is a norm for […]

The Dark Eye: Skilltree Saga Reminds Gamers What Turn Based RPG’s are Like on Android

Turn based role playing games are not all that common on Android and iOS.  Sure, we get them from time to time but they are usually mixed with some kind of weird collectible card game mechanic.  Personally, I prefer straight turn based role playing games that are similar to what we saw back in the […]

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