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Leaks, Leaks and more Leaks… Galaxy S7, Google Glass and Moto X 2016

First we leak, then we neither confirm or deny, then we say its here come and get them…  Three of the hottest product leaks for 2016 involve Google glass, the Motorola, Moto X 2016 and the Samsung, Galaxy S7. In the case of Google glass, Enterprise edition, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), provided the leak for all the world to see, yet Google will not officially state its existence.

So how did this come to be ?  Electronic Devices in the U.S. require FCC approval.  Google has an application at the FCC waiting to be given the all clear.  In this stage, Google’s Glass is “Mostly safe from prying eyes”.  The manual or any technical documentation can not be made publicly accessible, however photos have been leaked.

The information gleaned so far from online sources suggest that Google’s Glass has much improved hardware built around a foldable button-and-hinge system.  Meaning that the new version offers a much more robust and stronger product built to handle greater wear and tear, it is also waterproof and closed off for better protection than its previous models.

The unfortunate thing at this stage is that it is unlikely Google will be selling the Google Glass, Enterprise edition, to consumers, instead it plans to distribute it for work start ups only.

If we want to keep up with the Samsung’s and Apple’s of this world we need a better product, well that’s what seems to be leading the leak for Motorola’s new phone for 2016.

Again no official comments or statements from Motorola but online sources suggest that photos of what is possibly Motorola’s 2016, Moto X are now available.

Two photos have emerged of the 2016 Moto X, also known as the 4th Gen, Moto X.  The first photo that appeared had some people suggesting it was a fake or a 1st stage prototype.  A second photo shown on GforGames website, http://www.gforgames.com/gadgets/2016-moto-x-heatpipe-cooling-51253/showed a more detailed leak of the smartphone.

No confirmations, yet reports suggests that to remain competitive with the likes of Samsung and Apple, the 2016 Moto X, smartphone is to feature a 5.7-inch or bigger screen surface, a premium all aluminum design and a massive camera with dual flash.

What also appears to be seen in the second photo, is a rear speaker, instead of dual front facing speakers in previous Motorola smartphones.  Reports are unclear but this design may also mean that a 3rd speaker is being implemented for greater audio performance.

Copper pipe can also be seen, which may be used to disperse heat from inside of the smartphone, which is different from the norm as copper pipes are commonly used in computers but not inside a smartphone.

Unfortunately, there are no indications that this Motorola, 2016 Moto X, leak is real, we will just have to wait and see.

A 2016 leak with some sort of credibility, indicates, Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge photos and specs have been confirmed  by Shai Mizrachi, most noted for his confirmed leak of the Samsung S6 Edge Plus last year.

It is being written by the Android Authority website http://www.androidauthority.com/galaxy-s7-s7-edge-leak-664545/ the Galaxy S7 Edge may have a larger 5.5 inch screen, compared to the S7’s, 5.2-inch screen.  Furthermore, is that the back of each handset may be similar to the Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge Plus.

While photos have been leaked and suggestions about the specs made, there is nothing confirmed from Samsung itself.

Android Authority website is suggesting the possible specs for Samsung’s S7 and S7 Edge may include the following –

Galaxy S7 Specs

5.2-inch Quad HD Super AMOLED display

Snapdragon 820 CPU (USA, China) / Exynos 8890 (Europe, Asia)


32GB / 64GB, expandable storage on Galaxy S7 only.

20MP Sony IMX300 camera with OIS, phase detection auto focus, 1µm pixel size

LTE Cat 12 (600Mbps downlink)

Galaxy S7 Edge Specs

5.5-inch dual-curved Quad HD Super AMOLED display

Snapdragon 820 CPU (USA, China) / Exynos 8890 (Europe, Asia)


32GB / 64GB, no expandable storage.

20MP Sony IMX300 camera with OIS, phase detection auto focus, 1µm pixel size

LTE Cat 12 (600Mbps downlink)

Android Authority believe that Samsung will show case its new S7 smartphones at the MWC trade show on February 22 in Barcelona, so it will be a wait and see until then.

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