Soulset New Visual Novel For PC Funding on IndieGoGo

It is not that often that I bother covering things on Kickstarter or IndieGoGo.  I don’t really look at stuff on those services as most of it is just hopes and dreams of someone.  When it is something that could be awesome, it is usually funded FAST then fans wait YEARS for their investment to bear fruit.  I hate that.  Though, sometimes there are some cool projects that I like and I want to discuss with our fans here.  Soulset is one of those cool titles.  I am a closet visual novel fan.  There, I said it.  For the most part I have had a hard time finding anything that can stand toe to toe with the Konami classic, .  Soulset is not even trying to do that so we are cool in that regard.  What we have here is the basis for a solid visual novel with a horror/mystery theme to it- similar to that of .

As the story states, the world of Soulset is a fantasy one.  Magic runs rampant and is an everyday thing like automobiles are to us.  Dragons apparently exist but like Bigfoot, few have seen them and the majority of the populace have never experienced their presence at all.  I am hesitant to call it a world similar to that of Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings but those are close as far as the mystical creatures and supposed depth of the characters involved.

There are five planned plot routes and several endings (buckle up for a wild ride).  A minimum of five characters, of both sexes, for you to pursue relationships with.  Plenty of animation is expected, especially for the main characters also.

What I like about Soulset is that whether the game reaches any kind of funding on IndieGoGo the team will continue working on it.  The IGG campaign is specifically to raise awareness (such as this) for the game.  Of course funds raised in the IGG campaign will help the developers make a better game than they would have initially.  This is a breath of fresh air compared to the myriad of campaigns on both IGG and Kickstarter that are “desperate” for funding or nothing will happen.

Over on our sister site, , you will find more visual novel games that were covered in RGM #2.

There is a demo available on the No Bread Studio website and you can kick some funding their way on their IndieGoGo page or check out the Steam Greenlight page.

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