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The Alleged Best of Yogi Berra

The baseball world woke up a little sadder on Wednesday than it was the night before upon hearing the news of the passing of Lawrence Peter Berra, better known to all of us “Yogi.” He died at the age of 90 from natural causes, 69 years after his Major League debut on September 22, 1946. […]

My Little Pony S5E16 – Rarity Investigates — Here’s looking at you, Dash.

Good Heavens! Two Rarity-centric episodes in a row? A rarity, indeed! Yes, this week, we’ve got our lenses focused on “Rarity Investigates!”. The title is probably one of the most direct we’ve had in the show, given the series’ penchant of spoofing classic titles of movies, books, and famous phrases, but it sells the idea […]

The Presidency Needs Recalibration with Bernie Sanders

The name Bernie Sanders may not be as recognizable as Clinton, Bush or Trump, but that is because mainstream media is doing best to give as little recognition to the Vermont Senator and 2016 Presidential Candidate as possible. Many people are quick to put him in the same category as Ralph Nader and tell you […]

WWE Network Debuts High Profile Legends Show

With traditional television networks unveiling new programming this week, WWE Network followed suit on Monday by debuting its new interview show “Legends with JBL,” a cross between the old WWE Classics On Demand “Legends of Wrestling” roundtable and “Meet the Press,” in which John “Bradshaw” Layfield conducts an extensive one-on-one interview with a guest, in […]

Star Trek Wrath of Gems Review, Bejeweled Meets Generations but Better

I have not exactly been the biggest fan of the Star Trek universe, I found a lot of enjoyment in the original when I was younger and Enterprise was fun for me but apparently not many others.  The movie has already explored the whole “what if Kirk and Picard met” story angle and it was, […]

Are The Duggars Really Broke?

The latest in the saga of the Duggar Family is that they are seeking public or government assistance and Jim Bob Duggar has his sights set on a new reality show, with the hopes that it will keep the family from asking for or needing any kind of assistance. But do they really need government […]

Irving Police Mishandle Phony Bomb

The day started like any other for 14 year Ahmed Mohamed, he woke up, got ready for school, and grabbed his clock that he made on his own, for a science project, and put it in his backpack. The clock was homemade, and Mohamed was very proud to show it off to his parents and […]

My Little Pony S5E14: Canterlot Boutique–Fashion Friction

You know, I hadn’t actually intended my review of “Inspiration Manifestation” to come right before another Rarity-centered episode. It was a complete coincidence, I swear. Nevertheless, hello again, and welcome back to Season 5 of Friendship is Magic! I figured I might make this a regular column, seeing as I love to discuss new things […]

Amazon announces a new Fire tablet for $50–Will the iPad have a true challenger at last?

Ah, the Amazon Fire. Originally just known as the Kindle Fire, this was Amazon’s attempt to get into the growing smart tablet market, and considering they’ve had regular hardware improvements, including the amazingly cheap Fire HD 6 (which as of this writing, is available for $100 USD or your regional equivalent), I’d say they’ve made […]

Bonus Artwork and Images from Mutant Football League

Our sister site Retro Gaming Magazine has brought you an exclusive interview with Michael Mendheim, the creative director and lead design for Mutant Football League, the long-awaited remake of the 1993 Sega Genesis classic Mutant League Football. Michael gave us so much amazing art and screenshots that we couldn’t possibly fit it all into one […]

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