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2015 Gravis Ludus Staff NFL Playoff Predictions

With opening kickoff to the 2015 NFL season just two days away, the crack staff – Colby Primeaux, Carl Williams, Adam Nelon, Kris Lane and Michael Crisman – put together their combined minutes of football expertise to attempt to predict who will make the playoffs comes January. Michael, however, didn’t seem to understand the assignment. […]

4 Game Show Style Slot Machine Games Worth Playing

Slot machines are a staple in casinos, many are placed near entrances to attract people walking by. The lights, fanfare at winning and noise created helps bring in passerby better than a professional sign flipper can ever accomplish. Here we have collected a handful of licensed slot machine games on Android that are worth playing […]

Microsoft’s Arrow Launcher, Currently in Beta, Find out why you Need It

It is quite a conundrum that Microsoft faces, they are working on their own mobile device platform yet need to support their competition.  While Windows Phone is still slowly growing it is not growing fast enough that Microsoft can focus exclusively on it as far as mobile apps and games.  iOS is currently in a […]

5 Autonomous Machines that will Scare You

Autonomous drones are becoming a real thing in our world.  Sure, there have been remote-controlled drones for a while now- we used to call them RC-Cars and remote-controlled airplanes.  Now, as the technology improves, we are seeing remote-controlled vehicles that are capable of making basic, and sometimes complex, decisions on their own without human intervention.  […]

Why Should We Pay Even More For Less?

When you look around the world today, you will notice that in some cases, you actually end up paying more for less. Just look at the supermarket, for example. You pay more money for items that have less fat, calories or sugar by default, and of course you pay more for the convenience of having […]

Do We Really Need Another Paypal Payment Option?

Today, Paypal opened up their new payment portal option that is supposed to make it easier for people to send and request money from people.  This is supposed to be easier than going to the main Paypal site and then logging in and then remembering the address of the person you are trying to send […]

6 States that Allow Autonomous Cars, Right Now

The autonomous automobile is something that the dreams of many science fiction fans, well alongside the hover board that we saw in Back to the Future II.  Who has not fantasized while driving about being able to just take their eyes off the road, read a book or a newspaper or just take a nap […]

Windows Phone, Should Microsoft give up the Flagship?

Windows Phone is not exactly burning up the sales charts, even though it is purportedly holding nearly 3% of the worldwide mobile market share according to the IDC.  Within the United States we see a very lopsided sales situation going on- low end is selling and the high end is dragging its feet way down […]

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