Irving Police Mishandle Phony Bomb

The day started like any other for 14 year Ahmed Mohamed, he woke up, got ready for school, and grabbed his clock that he made on his own, for a science project, and put it in his backpack. The clock was homemade, and Mohamed was very proud to show it off to his parents and teachers. Little did Mohamed know that soon he would be sitting in the Irving Police Station being accused of not only manufacturing a bomb, but taking it on school grounds as well. It all started when he showed the clock off to the teacher who he built the clock for, as part of a science project. The teacher looked it over and was impressed, but told him he should not show it to anyone else at the school. Mohamed did as he was told, but the clock alarm went off while he was in a different class. The teacher inspected it, and said” this looks like a bomb”. The clock was confiscated and taken to the Principals office, and given to the police.

Was the school evacuated? No. Did they call in the bomb squad? No. Bomb detection dogs? No. Instead, a teacher “confiscated” the device and they sent Mohamed to the principal’s office, where the Principal and five police officers interrogated him. One officer, without ever seeing Mohamed prior to this incident stated “Yup, that’s who I thought it was.”

While interrogating Mohamed, the officers repeatedly asked him why he was trying to make a bomb, even though he had discussed it with his teacher and showed the clock to him first thing when he got to school.

Fourteen-year-old Mohamed was then taken to the Irving Texas Police Station, where he was processed by members of the police department. He was then interrogated without his parents present or a lawyer. The charge? Nothing. He was not formally charged with any crime. This young man was intelligent enough to build a working clock on his own. He was very proud of that accomplishment, and honestly, he has every right to be. But the real problem here is overzealous police officers, and a mayor who voted anti-Muslim before. She voted back in March to strike down a law that would prevent Muslims from holding their own court. This court is basically the same as Jehovah Witnesses, Jews and Mormons have. But Mayor Duyne was hell-bent on stopping this, even though other religions were allowed this privilege. Because it was Muslims who filed the request. It’s simply a justice system within the church, and nothing about it overrides State or Federal law. This was struck down by her and the Irving Texas City Council.

With everyone being there, they could have just asked Mohamed about the project and what it does. Instead, like most people in America, they saw a Muslim, and went into terrorist/panic mode. That seems to be what happened here. The school could have handled this without police involvement, but, had they chose to do so, proper policies and procedures should have been followed. I’m no school Principal, but I’m sure that a teacher taking something she thought was a bomb, out of a student’s backpack, then    taking it to the office without evacuating the school, then having the police, principal, and whoever else sit in the office with it, all sitting around while having a discussion/interrogation, was not the correct way to handle it. Had this been an actual bomb, we would possibly be burying some of those children. Simply because school employees didn’t follow procedures.

The following is a list of children who bought clocks to school that they built or were homemade and didn’t even get disciplined or interrogated by police:

Peter Matis of Wilmington, North Carolina

Haley Zinke of Turtle Lake, North Dakota

Tasha Williams of Turtle Lake, North Dakota

Logan Weimer of Holland, Ohio

Indy Brumbraugh of Dade City, Florida

Cesar Limas of Dade City, Florida

Tori Clark of Ellis, Kansas

There was also a child in Kiowa, Colorado who brought an actual inert bomb on campus, but wasn’t suspended. They suspended his teacher instead, since the teacher approved him bringing it on campus.

Irving’s Police Chief, Larry Boyd stated that the situation would have been handled the same, regardless of race. But had these children been Muslim, and lived in a different city, would the cases have played out differently? One thing that has been shown time and time again, is that Police Departments and Police Chiefs are not allowed operate on their own anymore. They have basically become an extension of the Mayors Office, and must do as the Mayor tells them, even when its against their personal beliefs or even against the law. Its very likely given the mayor and City Council of Irving’s background. Why are the Muslims in the City of Irving not allowed the same privileges that Jews, Mormons, and Jehovah’s Witnesses have? They are allowed to practice their own laws and punishments based on their religious beliefs. But shouldn’t every religion be treated equally? Why is Mayor Duyne singling out Muslims to put these restrictions on? Its obvious that this kid was railroaded, especially from the beginning, because the teacher who saw it and knew what it was should have spoken up for him instead of allowing him to be escorted out of school in handcuffs. Mohamed’s parents say they have no plans to send him back to the same school. You really cant help but think its for the best, and in the end, Mohamed won. He received an invite to the White House, Facebook Headquarters, and even offers for internships when he is old enough.

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