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Bill Goldberg – More Life in the Streak?

This last Sunday, November 20, we saw Bill Goldberg step back in a WWE ring. The last time we saw this happen was approximately 12 years ago. Interestingly, Goldberg was taking on Brock Lesnar, billed as “The Beast” by his manager Paul Heyman. I will leave the results to you and Google if you did […]

Wrestling History Repeating Itself WWE Devalues World Heavyweight Championship

When the “Finger Poke of Doom” occurred in World Championship Wrestling (WCW) it was viewed as one of the lowest moments in wrestling.  It certainly was a sad moment for fans, I should know, I was a fan when this happened and for some reason, I am still a fan.  I figured that that sad […]

WWE Post Draft Could Bombard Championship Titles on Fans

This last Monday Night, WWE’s Monday Night Raw stated they would be running a tournament for the new WWE Universal Championship.  It is interesting to note they did not simply re-introduce the WWE version of the World Championship Wrestling (WCW) title as the new title and have a tournament for that.  Couple this with the […]

What Roman Reigns Drug Test Failure Could Mean for His Career

It is no secret that right after the recent WWE Pay Per View (PPV), Money in the Bank, that the WWE World Heavyweight Champion going, Roman Reigns, had failed a drug test.  He was allowed to compete not only at the PPV but also on the following nights Monday Night Raw show.  The drug failure […]

Could John Cena Herald in a New Attitude Era for the WWE?

The WWE have been pushing a more family friendly product for years now.  For many fans it has gotten old and boring.  Unfortunately for fans, this is what the people in charge want to push and that is what they will push.  There have been hints in recent years that a new “attitude era” could […]

WWE Network Debuts High Profile Legends Show

With traditional television networks unveiling new programming this week, WWE Network followed suit on Monday by debuting its new interview show “Legends with JBL,” a cross between the old WWE Classics On Demand “Legends of Wrestling” roundtable and “Meet the Press,” in which John “Bradshaw” Layfield conducts an extensive one-on-one interview with a guest, in […]

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