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Creepiest Pretty Little Liars Episodes So Far

As fans know with the end of season 7B, sadly comes the end of Pretty Little Liars TV series. With the build up to Halloween and no “PLL” Halloween Special on the horizon, I thought we could look back at the creepiest moments so far. Let’s face it Rosewood has had its fair share of […]

Pretty Little Liars 7B Updates

The summer finale of “Pretty Little Liars” season 7A left us with more questions than answers. Fans are hoping that season 7B, which is coming to us in April 2017, will finally provide answers to all our questions. Season 7B marks the last half of the last season of the entire series. Which is ending […]

Who’s Going To Die In Pretty Little Liars Season 7

As well as TVD I am also a huge Pretty Little Liars  fan as I’m sure many people worldwide are. With only 3 days to go before the finale of Pretty Little Liars season 7. The truth is all going to unfold and someone is going to die, but who? WARNING THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS SPOILERS! […]

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