Did Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Drop Hints As To Who A.D Is?

A few people in Rosewood are on my suspect list of Who A.D could be, but there is one character out there that fits the build most of all. There is also serious hints as to who I think it could be back in Pretty Little Liars season two. If you want to find out keep reading.

Personally I cant help but get the feeling that sweet little Lucas is behind the who A.D is. He offers Hannah a massive work opportunity, so she could run a fashion shop in Rosewood, it was also around that time A.D wanted to keep everyone in their hometown. hmm! There was even huge clues to it being Lucas back in season 2 during the Halloween special “The First Secret”.Sounds crazy right? Stay with me here, all is about to be explained.

So my suspicion starts when we see Alison bullying Lucas and she gives him the terrible nickname Hermie. Well after Alison leaves, Lucas and Mona share a moment between looks as he says “one day she will get what is coming to her”. (remember Mona was A at this time)

At the big Halloween party we see Mona dressed as cat woman and Alison does not recognise her. Also at the Halloween bash Lucas interacts with Alison and again he is not recognised because of his awful baby doll face costume.

Why is this important? well we know Mona is later revealed as A and according to showrunner Marline Kings interview with tv guide she said pretty little liars is coming full circle in season 7, Could this be the massive hint we needed.

After all we know Lucas has a big vendetta against Alison so why couldn’t it be him.  Maybe I’m just suspicious or maybe Lucas could be Uber A and has been all along. Could Mona already know the answer to the question, who is A.D? Did Charlotte work it out and that’s why she was killed?. hmm suspicious!

What do you think? Could I be right?









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