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Pretty Little Liars Summer Finale, My Favourite Scenes

Wow I just finished watching last night Pretty Little Liars and I have to say I think that may be my favourite episode to date. From the first few moments in when Hannah was welding that giant, kitchen knife I was on the edge of my seat.

It was like a Halloween special which we usually see each year from the Pretty Little Liars cast but even better.

Heres my favourite scenes:

As we knew from episode 9 Hannah went rogue and set out to go after Noel Khan, what is wasn’t expecting to see was little Hannah in a room going at Noel with a big ass knife. Wow the suspense was amazing as we saw blood trickling to the floor. At that moment i thought no freakin way! Eventually the camera pans out to see it was a cut to his leg, not actually his throat. I couldn’t help but cheer at the screen seeing Hannah all girl powered up alone.

Then we see Aria in a video call with the love of her life Ezra and to my relief he’s coming back home to her. I literally felt my body relax a little when he said the words I love you to her. But, later in the episode we see Aria getting worried as Ezra has not returned from the airport. Worried sick she phones the police to see if she can find out if anything has happened to him on his way home. Suddenly she pauses and stares at the TV, she sees Ezra run up to his missing ex and kiss her. WHOA hold on a minuet there, could he not of rang the woman waiting for him to tell her what had gone on while he made his way back to the site? Surely he had time.

My favourite by far was Caleb’s way of him telling Hannah that he still loved her. I know for a fact when we heard his words our hearts done a little jump in our chests and tears sprang to our eyes. No… Just me then! Eventually our favourite Pretty Little Liars couple are back together in each others arms where they rightfully belong.

I would talk about Ally’s pregnancy and the kiss she shared (once again) with Emily but to be honest who didn’t see that one coming right?

That takes us to the creepy house on elm street where they go to retrieve Hannah’s camera in exchange for the flash drive. I was shocked if I’m honest to have seen Jenna coming out of nowhere with a gun in hand. It was obvious that Noel wouldn’t be far behind and boy was I right.  It wasn’t long though until The girls took care of him and decapitated him, granted by mistake but hey ho self-defense and all that.

Then the biggest shocker of the night was when Spencer was grasping on to life with Mary Drake by her side singing hush little baby. Can I just stop here for a second and say BOOM told you Spencer was Mary’s other child. Lol. Anyhow as the girls surround their friend fighting for her life it’s revealed by Mary that Spencer is her baby.

Whats next in 7B?

The episode left me wondering who Spencer’s dad could be. My thought on A.D at this moment in time is anyones guess. I suppose we will just have to wait to find out.


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