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Microsoft Office Lens Updated, Handwriting OCR Rotation Added

Microsoft continues their dedication to the mobile market with a new update to Microsoft Office Lens.  Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is the big addition in this update.  For many that may seem like an insignificant update.  Just think about this, the OCR option in Microsoft Office Lens recognizes hand written words, not just clearly typed text in a picture.  The other feature they added was rotation of your scanned documents, finally.

First, that Optical Character Recognition stuff.  This is a great thing in that for most of us, typing out instructions, notes, etc is not the first hand option.  This new feature addition that Microsoft has implemented should make the life of college students a lot easier.  No longer, at least sooner than later, will you have to spend hours transcribing notes from that class you hate.  With Microsoft Office Lens you can simply take a picture of the document and then do a search for relevant key words.  Just the time savings on this alone makes this update a critical one.

For me, in my daily job, I am constantly having to write notes, reports and other pen to paper items.  With this new update, I can scan those documents, have them on my phone and recall them as needed throughout the day.  This saves me from having to remember if I wrote something down, filled out a report and in the time it takes to return to my office so I can rummage through a filing cabinet.

The time this will save business people is immense.  Just think about all of those hand written notes you make all day.

The other option that Microsoft has added to Office Lens is the ability to rotate your images.  This is great for those times that you had to rotate your phone to get the full text in frame.

Grab Microsoft Office Lens off of and the iTunes App Store and the Windows Phone store.

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