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Microsoft Drops Bitcoin, Others Picking Up Slack

Microsoft recently announced they are no longer accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment.  This is effective immediately in Windows 10 App Store and Windows 10 Mobile App Store, though the change has not affected Xbox One yet (as of this writing).  This is sad as Microsoft has been accepting Bitcoin since December 2014- no reason was given for the dropping of Bitcoin.  That has not stopped other gaming companies from laying the groundwork to start accepting the cryptocurrency though.

Valve is one such company that is apparently preparing to start accepting Bitcoin.  When Steam begins allowing Bitcoin transactions that is a potential 125 million new users being exposed to cryptocurrency.  That is quite a big jump for the most popular digital currency that is not managed by a bank or service such as Paypal.

Wargaming is also accepting Bitcoin.  This is another popular service that is making the jump to allow digital cryptocurrency be used for purchases.  Wargaming represents 15 popular strategy based massively multiplayer online games.

Green Man Gaming has been accepting Bitcoin for a while now.  Among many payment options, Bitcoin almost slips by unnoticed but it is there and ready for use now.  There are no restrictions on Bitcoin use on Green Man Gaming.

Dell computers also accepts Bitcoin.  Again, no restrictions in using Bitcoin on Dell.com so have at it.  Show support for companies that accept your lifestyle and payment preferences.

While it is unfortunate to see Microsoft dropping out of the Bitcoin transaction world, it is reassuring to see other companies holding their own.  It is unknown at this time the decision by Microsoft will dramatically affect their sales on Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile.  Microsoft doesn’t disclose this information publicly so it would have to be an official statement regarding this internal situation.

Carl Williams

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