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Microsoft Continues Support of Linux with Windows 10 Integration

Microsoft has been slowly but surely supporting Linux more and more.  Over the years, particularly in the early days, Microsoft had only offered patches to the kernel or key software.  Eventually we would see Microsoft release Linux versions of Visual Studio and their SQL Server software.  Then Microsoft accepted Red Hat Linux for the popular Azure services.  Now, hell continues to freeze over as Microsoft partnered with Canonical to bring the command line tool, Bash, to Windows 10 this summer.

Scott Hanselman, blogger for Microsoft, wrote – “This is a genuine Ubuntu image on top of Windows with all the Linux tools I use like awk, sed, grep, vi, etc.,” he wrote. “It’s fast and it’s lightweight. The binaries are downloaded by you—using apt-get—just as on Linux, because it is Linux. You can apt-get and download other tools like Ruby, Redis, emacs, and on and on. This is brilliant for developers that use a diverse set of tools like me.”

Amazingly, this is not running in a virtual machine, Cygwin or anything like that.  It is key components of Linux integrated into Windows 10.  For many, myself included, this is something that we never thought we would see- Microsoft integrating Linux into Windows.  It is still a head scratcher as the end game is not quite apparent yet.  Is this an attempt at taking over Linux and hedging the success, or riding the coattails thereof, in the business world?

If you are interested in getting Bash for Windows 10 then you will have to go through a few steps.  One, you will need to have Windows 10 Developer Mode turned on.  Then you will have to enable the feature for it to download this summer to your machine.  Bash is planned to be one of the new features available in this summer’s Windows 10 anniversary update.

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