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Bing Update Brings Camera Search Function

Microsoft has been working hard to add functionality to their search engine- Bing.  The main concern that Microsoft supporters have is that it seems the Apple iPhone is the defacto platform for these updates, at least early in the cycle.  This latest Bing Update is no different.  This update is going out first to Apple iPhone users.  Everyone else has to wait for the update, if it comes at all.

This update to Bing is no different.  iPhone users are now able to either select a picture, part of a picture or take a new picture and use Bing to get related search results.  This is interesting to say the least- but it does raise privacy concerns for me when I see people taking a picture I might be in via a crowd.  This should concern you also- if the person taking the picture could zoom in on your face then search it on Bing, it could give them a lot of personal information you don’t even know is available.

This update only applies to the iPhone version of the Bing search app.  Windows Phone and Android users will have to wait to see if Microsoft updates those versions of Bing.

Google has done something similar with their Google Goggles app.  The difference between what Microsoft is doing and what Google did is, well, Microsoft is apparently planning to continue support.  Google Goggles has not been updated since 2014 and only offered limited scope in functionality.

Grab, or update, Bing on the iTunes App Store today and keep abreast of Microsoft’s future updates.

Carl Williams

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