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Tomb Raider Now Available for Linux

Linux is an enigma of an operating system.  On one hand, it is great for business and controlling systems that require stable uptime.  On the other hand, Linux is not a gamer’s operating system- even when you factor in interpreters and emulators that expand the gaming breadth available.  One big time title that is well-known, Tomb Raider, is now available on Linux.  This is big news because this title is very mainstream and could help, if sales are good enough, to turn the tide a bit in favor of Linux as a gaming platform.

Tomb Raider is a reboot of sorts for the franchise after Core kind of ran the original into the ground.  This version tells the story from a slightly farther back in time period than the original did.  You are in control of a young Lara Croft who is very much an amateur archaeologist. The fun in Tomb Raider is guiding Lara Croft from wet behind the ears to a seasoned veteran with nerves of steel.

The weapons that are available are modular.  You are going to have to guide Lara to the additional pieces to make these armaments devastatingly powerful.  There are many hair tingling moments to experience in Tomb Raider so steel yourself before playing.

My first experience with this series, the Core Designs version, was with the Playstation game.  It was quite interesting traversing tombs and fighting enemies such as that T-Rex.  The game stuck with me and I have only found a similar visceral experience with other Tomb Raider games.  The second game was fine but it was too much of a departure from the first for me to enjoy.  This new Tomb Raider looks absolutely awesome and now, it can be played on a stable operating system.

Tomb Raider by Crystal Dynamics
Genre: 3D Action, adventure
Platform: Steam for Windows, Mac and Linux
Rated: Mature audiences
Available now on Steam

Carl Williams

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  • andy

    So the game that was hyped up as an Xbone exclusive is on even more platforms only 5 months after release. I hope the money they gave Square Enix was worth it. Maybe Lionhead Studios could have been kept open.

    • Carl Williams

      Seems that way. Makes you wonder if “exclusives” that eventually hit multiple platforms later are doing more damage than good in gaming though. Maybe Lionhead Studios would have been kept open if the game could have been released on multiple platforms sooner than later?

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