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New Game- Spells of Genesis for Android

In App Purchases are becoming more and more prevalent in the mobile world.  That is just a fact of life.  The difference between every other game and Spells of Genesis is the use of the Bitcoin Blockchain to power that in-game economy.  This is an interesting take on an annoying aspect of mobile gaming.  For those that don’t know, Spells of Genesis is a trading card game (TCG) but you actually 100% own the cards rather than just the account they are tied to.  You can thank the Bitcoin Blockchain for that.

Spells of Genesis in-game currency are called BitCrystals.  These are simply the bauble that you have to work really hard to earn one or two of or simply buy them as in other games.  Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff called their bauble Golden Clams and Avengers Academy calls theirs “shards”.  No biggie, nothing new here.  Although what is new is directly connected to the in-game economy.

Using the Bitcoin Blockchain adds a certain level of personal account ownership.  When you buy a card in the game, or a pack which will presumably be available, you literally own that card.  The cards are linked to the Bitcoin Blockchain- not just your account with Spells of Genesis.

This is an interesting take on the years old In App Purchase model that mobile developers love so much.  By using the Bitcoin Blockchain for possession information on the cards players have been freed to buy and sell the cards as they see fit.  This includes doing so OUTSIDE of the game- you do not even have to be a player of the game to buy and sell the cards.  This could lead to a digital world of secondary markets of stores and individuals buying and selling rare cards as they see fit- not having to pay the Spells of Genesis developer anything for the action.  This is a brave direction, I wonder if it will reap rewards or famine?

You can buy tokens from the company that can be used in their other title, Sarutobi.

Source: Spells of Genesis website


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