Spadoni Productions Release Lupin the Third vs Hitman Contracts Youtube Short Film

If you have been with us here on Gravis Ludus and Retro Gaming Magazine for very long then you know Spadoni Productions.  They have done some really good short films based on various intellectual properties over the years.  Their most recent work is Hitman Contracts vs Lupin the Third, a combination of two popular franchises- their first, I believe.

If you are not familiar with 47, the star of the Hitman games, nor Lupin the Third then you are probably lost by now and moved onto another article.  47 is the 47th clone in a series of clones to create the perfect assassin- not a guy you want to meet in a dark alley.  Lupin the Third is a gunslinger with amazing aim and these two men are headed for a collision of epic proportions.

As usual with Spadoni Productions short films, Lupin the Third vs Hitman Contracts is full of unique scenery and impressive interpretations of the properties represented.  Right now there is no English dub version available so be warned there if you only speak English.


Carl Williams

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