WWE Suspends Non Wrestling Female Competitor for Failing Wellness Policy

When you are a wrestler under contract with the WWE you would think that competing in the ring would be just part of the job.  Recently, after the brand split, we have seen one particular female wrestler not actually compete yet.  Unfortunately, after weeks of building up her debut since the brand split we will have to wait at least another 30 days to see her in ring debut.

Natalie Coyle, also known as Eva Marie, has just been suspended for failing the WWE wellness policy.  This is her first suspension for failing this test.  “All red everything” has been put in a position as far as talent goes that is “unique” lately.  She has spent several weeks now debuting in the Smackdown Live ring but so far has had problems completing that simple action.  Most recently her character experienced traffic trouble while attempting to get to the arena for her match against Naomi.  Previously she has had a wardrobe malfunction stopping her from competing her match, before that she experienced a muscle pull that stopped her match.

Eva Marie has been on the main roster of WWE and then back to the televised developmental program, NXT, and back to WWE main roster programming throughout her career.  She has also been featured on E!’s Total Divas television show that follows the WWE Divas away from their jobs.

Since Eva Marie made her debut on WWE programming she has been pushed by the company.  Even though fans were clearly not getting behind her as a legitimate competitor, WWE pushed her anyhow.  This usually leads to competitors receiving heat from fans but with Eva Marie it is simply leading to indifference.  The worst things fans can do is nothing when a competitor’s music hits and they enter the arena.  That is almost universally what the fans do when Eva Marie arrives.

This Sunday at Summer Slam, Eva Marie was scheduled to be in a six woman tag team match.  There is no word yet how her suspension will effect that match.  More than likely another female competitor will be brought in to take her place (maybe Bailey who has been called up for one shot matches before?).

Natalie Coyle’s suspension was effective immediately and will last at least 30 days.

Carl Williams

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