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Smackdown Live Debuts New Titles

While Monday Night Raw is busy filling the immediately vacated Universal Championship that Finn Balor just won, Smackdown was busy debuting two new titles.  This week we got a clear look at the Smackdown Women’s Championship and the Smackdown Tag Team Championships.  Fans should be surprised at these new titles, not just because of their […]

WWE Post Draft Could Bombard Championship Titles on Fans

This last Monday Night, WWE’s Monday Night Raw stated they would be running a tournament for the new WWE Universal Championship.  It is interesting to note they did not simply re-introduce the WWE version of the World Championship Wrestling (WCW) title as the new title and have a tournament for that.  Couple this with the […]

WWE Raw Smackdown Live Draft Aftermath

This last Tuesday night, on the debut episode of WWE Smackdown Live, we saw the 2016 WWE Draft.  There were a few surprises and I was proven right in some others from my previous article.  Overall the 2016 WWE Draft was different.  It brought back some almost forgotten guys and girls and broke other groups […]

WWE Draft Rules Revealed, Splits Already Evident

The WWE has just released the rules for the upcoming WWE Draft that will commence on the first live episode of WWE Smackdown.  The move to a live show also marks the move of Smackdown from Thursday nights to Tuesday nights (the time it actually happens).  This draft is the latest in attempts at bringing […]

WWE House Shows Dangerous

It is interesting to note over the last decade or so that the WWE have been upping their house show count.  In 2015 it seems they had over 200 house shows but in 2016 only 100 or so are scheduled.  It is becoming clear that house shows are a bigger and bigger problem for the […]

5 Reasons WWE Should Keep Enzo & Cass Together

When WWE started airing NXT shows it was a method of getting new talent ready for the big show, Monday Night Raw.  Over the years there have been countless talents called up from NXT to the main roster.  Some have done quite well (Neville and Kevin Owens) while others have hit the mat with a […]

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