Crystal Blitz Review on Android, Fantasy Match 3 Puzzle Game

There are a lot of Match 3 Bejeweled games on Android.  That is a fact, don’t believe me, just do a search for them and see for yourself.  I don’t usually review them anymore as they are mostly the same anymore.  That is why when I do review one, it has to have something I think jaded Bejeweled fans will enjoy.  Crystal Blitz has that something and a little bit more.

First, Crystal Blitz is in the same style as other “battle bejeweled” games in that you are not playing simply to clear levels.  No you are fighting an actual opponent complete with powers, attack/defense moves and hit points.  The role playing game elements are kept to a minimum in these mashups but there is enough there to make you want to grind to earn that better equipment.

There is a bit more animation to the characters than in other, similar, games.  For instance, when your character goes to attack, he actually animates an attack rather than just standing there in the corner.  Matching gems on the playfield trigger the attacks and defense moves that you use to win the match.  Similar to choosing an option from a menu in a turn based role playing game.

The enemy does not actually make any moves with the gems so in that respect it is very similar to Bejeweled.  Crystal Blitz instead has each enemy feature certain attacks, each with a different waiting period before use.  This ramps up the strategy as you get lower and lower on hit points and watch as the massive attack your enemy has is slowly approaching zero moves.  As you make matches with the gems the counter on your enemy attacks drops.  Keep that in mind as you play.

If you are tired of Bejeweled and want something different yet familiar then Crystal Blitz may fit the bill.  Especially if Pets Unleashed is too cute for you.

Crystal Blitz by Nika Entertainment
Genre: Puzzle, match 3, Battle Bejeweled
Platform: Android (ZTE ZMAX 2 and GPD XD used for review)
In App Purchases: Yes
Rated: E for Everyone
Available now on

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