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Grimm Cards of Fate Brings Collectible Card Game Based on Show to Google Play

Grimm, the television show that kind of turns those “happily ever after” stories Disney hawks on fans upside down.  The funny thing is, most of the stories Disney turns into popular movies are based on faery tales that are centuries old.  Another twist is, many of those tales were collected in many sets known as the “Grimm Faery Tales” or something similar- named after the brothers Grimm.  Now, there is a collectible card game based on the television show that is based on the original stories that Disney “family-fied”. 

This is not a fan game that is inspired by the television show.  No, this is an actual game licensed from the show so there will be tie-ins between the two.  Most notably is the fact that the likenesses of the television show’s cast are fair game.  There are even plans to integrate the game more with the show come season six.

There are several mini-game modes in Grimm Cards of Fate, not just collectible card gaming.  There are hidden object and match 3 “Bejeweled” style mini games that represent challenges in the quests.  Since this is an official game based on the Grimm show, the developers have been able to base quests on various episodes or parts thereof.  This apparently includes the recently concluded season five and will continue with season six when it begins.

Collectible card game activities are available in Grimm Cards of Fate such as merging cards to make them more powerful.  Also, you can build your deck of cards with characters from the show and fight for creature cards to maximize your offense.

Grimm Cards of Fate by Everdead Studios
Genre: Collectible Card Game
Platform: Android and iPhone
Rated: T for Teen on Google Play and 12+ on iTunes
In App Purchases: Yes
Available now on and the iTunes App Store

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