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Muhammad Ali Puzzle King Review Android ZTE ZMAX 2

When you think of match 3 Bejeweled style games, do you think of a boxing match and Muhammad Ali?  Probably not.  That has not stopped Cosi Productions from trying it though.  Muhammad Ali Puzzle King for Android devices and iPhone is just that.  A boxing match on the top portion of the screen that is dictated by your skills in the “line” based Bejeweled puzzle game below.  Yep, another line based match 3 (can we get a regular version of this sometime?).

Supposedly Muhammad Ali Puzzle King follows the life of the late great boxer.  Starting out in gyms training and then moving into exhibition matches and then championship bouts you are in control.  This being a puzzle game your progress is going to be directly affected by your skills with matching icons in a decent time frame.  The more colored boxing gloves you match the better/faster skills are made available.

Each color matches a different type of punch.  The power level of that punch is directly related to the number of gloves matched per move.  As you match them you power up the “super” punch for that type.  This lends a bit of strategy to your matching choices as you are obviously wanting to beat your opponent quickly.  Honestly, this combination works A LOT better than I expected it to.

Muhammad Ali Puzzle King is a fun challenge and it is unique to the plethora of other similar games.  There are some In App Purchases to be aware of but other than that, Muhammad Ali Puzzle King is a pretty good puzzle game.  Who would have thought that boxing and puzzle games would go so well together?

Muhammad Ali Puzzle King by Cosi Productions
Genre: Line based Bejeweled Match 3
Platform: Android (ZTE ZMAX  2 used for review) and iPhone
In App Purchases: Yes
Rated: E for Everyone on Google Play and 4+ on iTunes
Available now on and the iTunes App Store

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