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Sony Playstation Vita Cracked, Somewhat

The Sony Playstation Vita is a marvelous hand held gaming device.  I personally don’t own one, yet, but I have been fortunate enough to borrow some here and there from friends over the years.  The PS Vita is also a bane for many independent developers that want to release games for it as it has […]

Fruit Ninja VR Coming to Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Sony Playstation VR and Google Daydream

New virtual reality games are beginning to get announced more and more lately.  We have been covering VR games as we find interesting ones- much like regular games not all VR games are “awesome”.  From our experience, Fruit Ninja is a rather popular game with our readers and Youtube viewers so it is fitting to […]

Cable Replacement Playstation Vue Launches Roku Port Now Android Next Week

If you are running an Android device with Android 4.4 or higher and are interested in Playstation Vue then you are in luck.  For those that do not know what this service is, or why you should care, it is Sony’s answer to the cable cord cutter.  There are a wide variety of packages available […]

Crackle Picks up 80’s Anime Robotech

Okay, who reading this can honestly say they have no clue what Robotech is?  For the few that are amongst you that don’t know, Robotoech is actually a mashup of three separate Anime series’ from Japan.  The way networks aired television shows in the 80’s required a certain number of episodes per season- much more […]

Uncharted- Fortune Hunter Brings Uncharted Integration to Mobile via Spin-Off

Playstation Mobile has just released a mobile spin-off for their popular Uncharted series.  Uncharted – Fortune Hunter is available for both Android and iPhone and with it comes a metric ton of puzzles and unlockable items that can be imported to your Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End game on Playstation consoles.  The question is, will fans […]

Will the Next Console Generation Be Consumer Upgradeable?

The rumors of the Playstation 4 Neo, an upgraded well Playstation 4, are running rampant around the net now.  There are people on the other side of the next generation of gaming, the Xbox supporters that are split on the chance that Microsoft could be planning an upgrade too.  Some Xbox fans think it would […]

Linux Progresses on Sony Playstation 4

Okay, when Sony released the Playstation 2 one thing they did that was quite cool was to release, or at least not stop, Linux for it. Sure, this was a costly addition, it was still cool. Then when the Playstation 3 was released, early versions, then certain editions, then none would let you install Linux. […]

Lack of Piracy Killed the PS Vita

As Sony pulls the plug on first party Vita development I feel they didn’t put forth their best effort. The Vita had a bigger screen but the higher resolution made text and icons smaller. It had more inputs but the main buttons and joystick were smaller. In my opinion the fatal flaw came from the […]

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