Chrome Updates Remove Notification Bar, Voice Search- Is It that Bad?

It is seemingly natural for people to make the transition from pecking at a touch screen on their cell phone to talking to it to get certain, basic, functions to work.  One basic function that cell phone users are supportive of is the whole “Okay, Google” and other voice commands that initiate their phones into listening for another command (Windows Phone and iPhones both have similar options).  These commands are sometimes time savers but if you have a heavy accent you are probably spending more time talking really slow to your phone than you are getting anything useful done with voice commands.  Google, being a company that is not scared to go forward with some wild stuff, pull back when it doesn’t work out and re-invent it and relaunch again later has done the first two with recent updates to their desktop browser, Chrome.

If you are using the latest version of Google Chrome on your Windows, Macintosh or Linux machine then you can no longer use the “Okay, Google” term to initiate a Google search.  Google has mentioned many times over that the reason for this removal was due to lack of interest from the userbase- no one was using it.  Okay, think about this.  Those of you reading this that are concerned about privacy (such as ) need to think for a minute.  This means that Google Chrome is listening to you ALL THE TIME to be able to catch the “Okay, Google” term.

Okay, this apparently only worked when you were on so it was not sitting there listening to your whole day, cataloguing what was going on.  If you are using a Google Chromebook, or Chrome on Android, then the voice feature is still available to you.  Also, visiting shows that there is a microphone at the right side of the search bar- clicking that will allow you to use voice commands to search, if you REALLY want to keep the option.

Just remember, our technology today is more and more listening and cataloguing things that go on around it and us.

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