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Review- Saving Princess Android Metroid Homage Title

Metroid is a classic. Fact.  There is no real other way to say it.  Nintendo created an amazing action adventure title when they released Metroid.  For years publishers and indie game developers have tried to duplicate the gold that Nintendo struck only to fail miserably in many cases.  Saving Princess is the latest in a long line of titles that have harkened back to that NES classic.  The interesting thing is how close this game comes to pulling those nostalgia strings in your heart.

First, Saving Princess is done in the “retro” style of blocky graphics.  This style is intended to pull nostalgia thoughts at first glance.  The audio is similarly setup, something along the lines of NES and Sega Genesis quality.  Everything about Saving Princess is meant to remind us that games used to be just plain fun and entertaining.  They are pulling those nostalgia strings hard in this one, deservedly so.

From the large rooms containing traps to the enemies all over the place, Saving Princess makes you recall Metroid but then you meet the first boss and realize, this is not Metroid.  This game stands on its own two feet, something other titles that have attempted this have failed at.

Android Saving Princess

Fans of action adventure titles similar to Metroid will feel right at home in Saving Princess.  It is an awesome title and well worth the few bucks they are asking for it on Google Play.

GDP XD Specifics:
Right off the bat Saving Princess recognized the controller buttons which was awesome.  Everything was configured just right with the X button shooting and the A button jumping.  Start was configured to access the map too.

Saving Princess by Jacob Pavone
Platform: Android (also on Steam Greenlight)
Genre: Action, Adventure, Exploration
In App Purchases: No
Rated: 10+ on Google Play
Available now on and soon Steam and Itch.io (Android and PC version for one price)

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