Drop Dead Fred To Be Remade.

I noticed that Drop Dead Fred is to be remade in 2017. I don’t know what the movie industry is thinking with this one, but its safe to say there are going to be many unhappy fans of this movie classic. The late Rik Mayall was the star of the movie playing the awesome character Drop Dead Fred back in 1991.
Lets recap on the original classic:

As a child Elizabeth (phoebe Cates) wasn’t a very happy child but when her imaginary friend Drop Dead Fred (the late Rik Mayall) came to play she felt happy, wanted and loved. Then came the day her mother had enough after Elizabeth and fred made a mud pie on the dining table. Fred hid in a Jack-in-the box toy and the mother taped it up and hid it away. The movie goes back and forth through past and present events.

Elizabeth as an adult splits from her husband and moves back in with her mother which of course causes her deep sadness. One night while in bed, after finding the Jack-in-the box in her closet it starts playing the song. She wakes up and rips off the tape and to her total surprise out pops Fred. The two get into so much trouble together just like they did years previous. I wont say too much for anyone who hasn’t had the chance to see this fantastically hilarious classic. If you haven’t seen it then I highly recommend you add it to your “must watch” list.

The remake:

Word on the grape-vine is that the remake will be out late 2017 and will be staring Russel Brand as Drop Dead Fred. It’s a joke that this movie is being remade as in my opinion its perfect the way it is. No one will be able to top the roll like the late Rik Mayall. The movie was massive due to his complete and utter craziness which by all means can not possibly be recreated by anyone else.
What do you guys think of this remake?

                                                                                     R.I.P Rik Mayall




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  • I hate this so much. I mean, i love the article, but i hate that we’re just remaking things now, especially things that do not need to be remade!!

    • Yes I know how you feel 🙁

    • Craftymumthingz

      Thank you for your comment. And for saying you love the article. This movie was one I grew up watching and it does not need touched.

      • I only saw it for the first time recently but i’ve absolutely fallen in love with it, I’m literally watching it right now! Its not so dated that it ‘needs’ a remake, none of the actors are bad, theres nothing about it that requires a remake!

    • Carl Williams

      Exactly. This screams “cash-run” by the studios that are out of ideas or scared to try new ones with original intellectual properties.

  • BillyHoWCR

    My first thoughts when I heard this… ‘I wonder what women they are going to cast in this all female version of the remake?’.

    • Craftymumthingz

      I know. I just hope they don’t destroy this

  • Craftymumthingz

    Thank you for your comments. I think it’s a pure disgrace. They need to leave this alone

  • Paul

    Some movies should never be remade. The Arthur remake was a complete flop and this one will be, too.

    • I fully agree with you there. I think it’s wrong that if rik mayall is gone it should be left alone.

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