Live out an Orwellian Nightmare in Beholder

Fear, paranoia, mistrust, and a severe lack of privacy in the bathroom! These are all realities faced when you’re presented with an Orwellian nightmare. A world where privacy is a myth and the ever impending threat of death is a wrong step away. But in Beholder, it is you as the player who decides the fate of those who make the wrong move. Play as the manager of a State-installed building. The building has been suited with cameras and you’re required to both ensure that your building is enticing to visitors as well as tightly monitored. Remember, after all, your family’s wellbeing depends on how much money you make. Unless you’re digging up dirt on those who stay then your own family will suffer due to lack of funds. But will you sacrifice that single mother trying to make ends meet, or can your humanity prevail?

This is the central thematic of Beholder: the freedom to choose your own actions. However, those actions have consequences and you’re not free from whatever results from making that choice. Your tenants cause havoc in the city? You’re going to pay for it due to lack of efficiency at your job. Did you see some suspicious behavior from that family of five when they left home at night? You could bug their phones in order to spy on them, or will you give them the privacy they deserve? After all, people aren’t objects; they have real fleshed out stories in Beholder. These non-player characters hold secrets, and you must uncover that which hides behind the veil. In doing so you’ll discover that everyone is as flawed as you, so what makes you any different than them? A simple state appointed job?

Does your job define you or is it the other way around? Your job, after all, comes with a great amount of power, and with it, comes great responsibility. At times you’ll be forced to choose between the fates of others, and inaction is simply not an option . . . or is it. Thanks to Beholder‘s multiple ending, you can find out . . .

Beholder is available now on PC, Mac, and Linux (via Steam).

Live out your Orwellian nightmare in Beholder and watch as you destroy the lives of those around you . . . or save them.

Dash Bomber

Dash The Bomber is a sailor is his 20's with a penchant for goofy, yet deep thoughts. An avid gamer for generations he has played everything from the Atari 2600 to the PC in which he writes his work on. He currently lives in the middle of the ocean and appreciates donations in order to buy goodies from Amazon while deployed (makes his life slightly better). You can help the guy out by donating here: .

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