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Hacker Creates Android iPhone Case

Android versus iOS is nothing new.  They have been going at it ever since Google purchased the little mobile operating system.  Google runs Android much like Microsoft ran Windows for years except Android is free (you pay for “certification” to use Google services).  Anyhow, Android is quite open to developers- this is why we have several variations including the Amazon Kindle Phone and Kindle Fire.  Now, thanks to a hacker, we can add iPhones to the long list of Android compatible hardware.

Cell phone cases today have to offer something unique to stand out from the plethora of options.  Tendigi Engineering has created just such a unique phone case for the Apple iPhone.  Their phone case enables the iPhone to run Android.  How unique is that?

When the iPhone is in the case it operates like a normal Apple device should.  Opening the Tendigi app and then plugging in the cable from the case turns the iPhone into an Android phone.  The cool thing is, this build includes Google Play, access to the Internet via the iPhone and more features.

From the video I can conclude that what is going on here is that the Android hardware is in the case.  Android in this situation is basically accessing the main components it needs to run- turning off the screen to the iOS operating system in a sense.  Classic gamers may remember something similar being done with the Super Nintendo and the Super Game Boy.  Sega also did something similar with their Sega CD, 32X add-on console and even the Master Base Converter on the Sega Genesis.

Considering the locked down nature of the iPhone it is probably safe to conclude that this is an unlocked iPhone.  Even so, it is still quite cool that Tendigi Engineering have been able to accomplish this feat.  What do you think?



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