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Scandal Season 6: At Last?

Most of the die-hard  fans have seen the new Scandal Season 6 promo photo with the “At Last” tagline. Many people are beginning to theorize the meaning behind the words. Does it mean the Fitz and Liv will be together and move to their Vermont love nest? Is it finally over between the two and she and Jake find true love together? Does someone finally kill that SOB father of hers? So many questions as to the meaning. I decided to do some research.

Throughout the life of the show, Shonda Rhimes has made it clear that she knows how the show will end. But late last year she gave a huge clue to when the end will be. During a conversation on 92Y radio in New York City, that she has no idea the ending of “Grey’s Anatomy” because it has taken on a life of its own. But she has always known how Scandal would end. Before this, she said in another interview that “Scandal” is not a “10 season or even an 8 season show.” So does that mean that we only have two more seasons before Rhimes pulls the plug, regardless of what the network wants?

Last month, LawyerHerald.com published an article titled “Scandal saying goodbye after Season 6 confirmed by EP; ‘Till Death Do Us Part’ episode airs April 21.” In the article is announced what we all now know, which is that “Scandal” has been renewed for a 6th season. Near the beginning of the article, the staff writer writes, “series creator Shonda Rhimes confirmed that the 6th installment will also be the last to air on TV.”

With the rumor making it rounds, Rhimes responded to them through Adweek.com with the following quote. “Scandal is a limited story unlike the ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ series that could continue for years to come. I am not watching Olivia Pope grow up, I am watching a specific moment in time, and I feel like in order to tell the story correctly, you have to end it.”

That still doesn’t really answer our question but it’s all we’ve got for now. Until we get more confirmation, all we can do is speculate. My thoughts are, even though I don’t like, this will be the final season of Scandal and the “At Last” tagline is referring to Liv and Fitz riding off in the sunset and living happily ever after in Vermont after Mellie takes his place as the leader of the free world. Tell me what you think will happen!

Jordan Zeitler

Jordan Zeitler is 33 years old and lives in St. Louis, MO with his partner of 5 years. He enjoys spending time with his children and his friends. As a published writer, he writes short stories, stage plays, and poetry. In his free time, he escapes the real world by watching a lot of movies and TV. He also stays current on all aspects of entertainment news and politics. Jordan also served in the military for 8 years and is an advocate for veteran rights. Jordan has devoted a lot of his time to a small community theater company as the Production Manager. He also started a Youth Theater Program to educate kids about theater, singing, and improvisations. He hopes to someday publish the next great American novel and own a theater company of his own.

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