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Truffle Shuffle Goonies Turns 31 – Today in Cinema History – June 7th, 1985

Who doesn’t remember the Goonies movie from the 80’s?  If you were at all interested in adventure movies starring kids, you saw this movie.  It was everything young adolescents want to do in their minds.  It is also everything those same kids think will happen during their adventures.  The cool thing was, even the kids that knew their parents would kill them for even attempting one-quarter of the stuff in the movie could still enjoy it.  The Goonies was an iconic film for a generation of young teens and teenagers alike.

The story behind the Goonies movie is relatable for a lot of people who grew up in the 80’s.  Family getting foreclosed on their home, friends facing the reality of moving apart, etc.  There was also this sense of wonder about the world in the 80’s.  The Internet was not around and people had to rely on actually experiencing a lot of the things they were interested in.  There was no living precariously through Facebook and Instagram.

Theater goers were introduced to the Goonies team as they were facing troubles across the board.  Even though there was family trouble all over the place there was still the matter of this little treasure map that was discovered in the attic.  Since this was their last weekend together the team decide to embark on one last adventure together.

What ensues is craziness, horror, intrigue and of course, adventure.  The Goonies was pretty much Indiana Jones for kids but cooler than it sounds.  For me the Goonies was an event that was just too cool to forget.  I grew up on the northern coast of California.  The movie was set in Oregon, just north of California.  This geographical closeness fueled many a daydream for me during boring math and history classes in school.

It is a shame that movies like the Goonies will probably never be made again.  There is just too much cynicism on the Internet to let a movie like this be made today, let alone enjoyed.

Carl Williams

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