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Who Ya Gonna Call?  Ghostbusters turns 32 – Today in Cinema History – June 8th, 1984

When the first Ghostbusters movie hit, I was eight years old.  I didn’t get to view it in theaters.  I don’t remember when I finally saw it but it was on VHS, I remember that much.  Anyhow, this is an iconic movie that really needs no introduction, but I will give one after the jump anyhow.  I mean, there is a chance someone reading this has not seen the original yet.  With the reboot coming up next month, and today being the birthday of the original, it is a good time to revisit this classic.

The premise behind Ghostbusters is that ghosts are not only real but quite in your face.  Not all ghosts are friendly though, many are rather downright evil.  This leads the brand new team of “ghost busters” to go into business and work to rid New York of spirits.  For a fee.  We find out in the first movie that it is very clear that the Ghostbusters are a for profit business.

Later in the first movie we also find out that the New York government are not too fond of the Ghostbusters.  I mean, these guys are running around town with unlicensed nuclear powered proton packs.  That cannot be safe for anyone, right?  Well, a larger spirit decides to make his presence known and things go to literal hell after that.  I won’t spoil the plot for the few people who don’t know but it gets real good as the movie goes on.

Ghostbusters has seen quite the releases over the years.  Shortly after the initial theater release, a VHS and Betamax version was released.  Around the time of the sequel we saw a Laserdisc version released.  More recently, right around the end of the last century, there was a DVD release and then two Blu-Ray editions.  Sony Pictures has re-released Ghostbusters to theaters many times and is planning more for the buildup for the reboot starring all women next month.

So, who ya gonna call?

Carl Williams

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