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Super Stickman Golf 3 Coming to Android in July

The Super Stickman Golf games are some of the most fun games that mobile gamers flock to.  10 to 20 million people have downloaded the first two games in this series just on Android.  That is not a number to sneeze at.  While there are a ton of apps and the like on Android, that also means there is a seriously tough time for fans to find games.  Luckily, Noodlecake have been able to transcend that glut of games and apps in the app stores.

For those that do not know about Super Stickman Golf, it is not exactly a golf simulation.  No, here there are a lot of liberties taken.  For one, the “course” is not your normal golf course.  The hole may be above, below or even around the corner from where you star.  This is as extreme as you can get with golf.  I mean, sure there is still a golf ball and a golf club (several of each in each game) and there is a hole to put the ball in within as little swings as possible.  Other than that stuff, Super Stickman Golf is not like golf.

The promotional video that Noodlcake has released really is light on information.  The video is mostly celebrating the previous games and saying thank you to the fans.  It does reveal the month that we can expect Super Stickman Golf 3 though.

Liberties taken in previous games include sticky balls, turning water and sand traps to other more helpful things and more.  Noodlecake have a knack for making a fun game that is true so far.  Hopefully they won’t suffer the “SNK” curse of the third game in the series being crap.

Super Stickman Golf by Noodlecake
Genre: Casual, Golf
Platform: Android and iPhone
Rated: Unknown at this time
Available: July 2016 on Google Play and the iTunes App Store

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